Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Hormonal Creme

Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Hormonal Creme

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Wild Yam and Chaste tree are herbs that contains a natural progesterone which is the precursor for almost all hormones in the body.  It has been found to increase bone density with regular use (minimum of 3 months).   Its properties have shown to relieve menstrual cramps, nausea during pregnancy, fluid retention, weight gain and overall balance hormones in both males and females.

Wild Yam is also used to treat menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, tiredness and mood swings. The effect of these herbs is so far reaching it is even a powerful tool for increasing libido and sperm count for men. Also may help with fibroid cysts, breast lumps and endometriosis.

Recent studies have indicated that due to the use of plastics predominantly in foods and packaging, all people including children are suffering from estrogen dominance. Wild Yam is the fastest, most natural means of reversing the over abundance of oestrogens.   60mL Body cream. One months supply. Apply a quarter teaspoon to soft tissue of body daily.

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