(a) Turkish Delight Cupcake Soap.

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Our Turkish Delight goat’s milk Cupcake Soap is just Divine - it smells like real Turkish Delight.  Decorated with our Turkish Delight soap pieces on top it is going to cause a sensation for anyone who sees you with it.


Our cupcake soaps come gift boxed, and are the most unique gift & a real treat for all ages. Australian Made, Hand Made Natural Soap made with fresh goat's milk makes the best cupcake soaps. Non-toxic, life size, mild pH, no SLS or synthetic detergent foam boosters, palm oil free, preservative free, no animal testing. While all of our products are non-toxic, none are designed & manufactured to be eaten, taken, or used internally.

We use local ingredients from local Australian suppliers. We don't use palm oil in our goat milk soaps. We do not use genetically modified ingredients.

We never test on animals, and have confirmed with our raw ingredient suppliers that no raw materials have been tested on animals. We do not test on animals any of our hand made products. The only animal derived products we use are fresh goat milk sourced from our local suppliers in the NSW South Coast region, and we also use honey. We use dehydrated milk powder in our milk bath products. All other ingredients are vegetable based.

We use natural ingredients. Natural being define as sourced from nature. We also use synthetic materials, defined as those made by humans as 'identical to nature'. Aroma molecules have been matched synthetically to be exactly the same as nature's aroma molecules. Please consider when deciding on "natural" (whatever that really means) Vs. "Synthetic", that it is more useful to consider if a material is "safe" or "unsafe". For example, we will not use Rosewood essential oil because it is highly damaging to rainforests. We prefer to conserve ecology by using a nature-identical & safe synthetic aroma. If you believe that only using essential oils is safer or preferable, please consider that even common essential oils can be toxic to some people. Every human being is different & unique, and one material may be perfectly safe to one person and not another. It is your own responsibility to check with your medical professional before using any product if you have any concerns about it.

Do we use chemicals? Yes. Everything in nature is a chemical composition including the human body. Coconut oil is a chemical and has a chemical composition. We do not use toxic chemicals. We use hydroxides to make natural soap. These chemicals are used to turn natural moisturising oils into a solid bar of soap. There is little to no hydroxides present in bar soaps after it has cured for 4 weeks. If present, hydroxide may remain at as little as 0.0001% which is furthered neutralised with the water used when soap is lathered on the skin. Potassium hydroxide is present in a safely neutralised pH in our liquid castile soaps.

All of our colours are deemed safe by the FDA which is the Authority who regulate food, drug, cosmetics & alcohol.

We only use non-paraben based preservatives in our hand & body scrubs, creams, lotions & body butters. We use a non-formaldehyde preservative. We use a combination of propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea & iodopropynyl butylcarbamate for any water based product as a successful and non-toxic broad spectrum against yeasts, fungi, microbial bacteria & viruses. We have not found the same success with so-called "natural" preservatives. Please beware of any product you purchase at handcrafted markets that claims to be a non-preserved product, or naturally preserved product. Some people think things like vitamin E, grapeseed oil or rosemary are preservatives. This is not true. These are antioxidants which prevent natural oils from turning rancid. Antioxidants will not prevent microbial growth & bacterial infections in products, and such growths can present life-threatening infections. Even keeping those products in the fridge will not prevent growths. We only use preservatives in water-based (non-soap) products.
We do NOT use synthetic foam boosters in our natural soaps like some other companies. We have worked hard to make our soaps perform with a beautiful creamy, frothy natural lather based on the natural oils we use in them. No soaps contain sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate or any other sulphates.

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