Hemp Cleansing Bar

Hemp Cleansing Bar

Bygone Days Eclectic Emporium

  • $5.00


Our cleansing bar is packed with Hemp Seed Oil which is gentle on sensitive skin and nourishing for skin cells.  This along with Green Clay that helps balance oil levels, Nettles that have been used traditionaly for centuries against eczema to achne and everything in between help make our cleansing bar so special.

With a nourishing blend of oils (50% Hemp Oil) to cleanse, nourish and moisturise your skin.   Gentle enough for a baby or a super cleanser for tough grease and ink.

 •   50% hemp oil
 •   All vegetable formula
 •   Lemon myrtle and spearmint essential oils
 •   Clean, refresh and moisturize your skin
 •   P-H balanced
 •   Cleans like nothing else you've ever used

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