Cluny Lace Company - Manufacturers of traditional Leavers laces since 1845

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Manufacturers of traditional Leavers laces since 1845

Nine Generations of lace making

 The Mason family were already framework knitters and flax dressers by the 1730s and started making lace when this fabric was first produced by machines in the 1760s, at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Throughout these two centuries close attention to detail has always brought the Cluny Lace company to the forefront of new technology.

Throughout the last one hundred and fifty years Cluny Lace has continued to build up a data bank of hundreds of lace patterns. By combining the best of old traditions with new technology the firm is able to produce a wide range of exquisite designs Fine Cotton style laces.

Many of the lace patterns still used today were designed and draughted by Frank Maltby Mason and Francis Bowler Mason, the sixth and seventh generations of the family. No other manufacturer in the world produces the same range of patterns and these patterns are unique to Cluny Lace Company Limited.

For those with a historic or mechanical interest a Leavers machine is in fact two machines; a wide machine working on the principle invented by Mr. John Leavers in 1813.

The same machines are still being used today that were made for the Mason family back in the 1800’s!!
The only difference with today’s machines is that they have been upgraded with newer working parts!!