Bug Off! (with Omegas)

Bygone Days Eclectic Emporium

  • $20.00


Growing up in tropical North Queensland means we share our space with a lot of mosquitos, not satisfied with spraying chemicals on ourselves and children every day, we decided to come up with our own solution.  With a lot of research we produced our Bug Off spray and are very happy with the results.

Based on pure hemp oil, this amazing formula has a unique combination of wild essential oils sourced from Australian bush plants including lemon scented iron bark, rosemary and catnip which both contain a substance that both mosquitoes and sandflies hate.

The omega oils are great for the skin and penetrate with no worries of toxic residues as found in most common commercial products.  This product is safe for kids but NOT recommended for pregnant women. Beware hemp seed oil is high in chlorophyll and can stain like all oils.

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