(b) Hemp Skin Care

(b) Hemp Skin Care

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Hemp Skin Care

We use the most hemp seed oil in any hemp oil body and skincare products on the market. Even our cleansing moisturising soap contains 50% hemp oil whereas most others only contain 5%.   Pure Delight Hemp's natural skin care products contain pure, unadulterated hemp seed oil.   The quality of hemp seed oil is found in its unique, high profile of essential fatty acids (EFA's).   Our hemp seed oil "Skin Care" Range is derived from organically grown hemp, naturally.

Our Packaging

We are committed to trying to reduce our impact on the environment.  We are conscious of the amount of waste and non re-usable items many companies choose to use for packaging because its cheaper and looks shiny on their website of on shelves.  At Pure Delight Hemp, we are the manufacturer and supplier of our products allowing us the freedom to choose our packaging responsibly.  This makes our packaging cost us up to 400% more than their cheaper counterparts but we absorb those costs to bring you a product we can be proud of.

Hemp Protein, Hemp Flour and Hulled Seeds

These items are all packed in biodegradable earth bags.  These Bio Foil Bags are the first and best biodegradable packaging bags on the world market.  They are made of biodegradable craft paper on the outside and a high barrier Bio Foil on the inside keeping the product fresh.  These bags are also made using bio adhesives.  They are made from materials classified as biodegradable under the EN 13432 standard.  This means they will decompose in landfill and not sit there underground for thousands of years.  If composting at home please remove labels first.

Hemp Seed Oil Products

Our oil 250ml size Hemp Seed Oil is packaged into a recyclable glass bottle.  They can be re-used as a dispenser from the larger 4L tin.  Our 750ml size Hemp Seed Oil is packaged in a high quality stainless steel drink bottle.  Simply wash the oil out and you have a sturdy water bottle.  

Body Butter, Hands on Hemp Hand Cream, Lip Balm and Moisturising Hemp Face Scrub

These are packaged in recyclable aluminium canisters.

We are making every effort to reduce our impact on this earth.  Unfortunately for now at-least, there are some hurdles we can't pass for example using bubble wrap to package orders but where we can we box orders and used recycled paper or potato starch as void fill.  We're open to ideas and feedback so feel free to send us an email if you feel there's something more we can do.

We are currently working on a refill service for the Golden Face Saver.

Hemp Seed Oil, Protein, Hulled Seeds and Body Products

Our Hemp Products are derived from Australian Grown Hemp Seeds.  Our oil is cold pressed and then turned into a variety of Skin Care Products with the remainder utilised as protein and flour.  Our hand made body products have the highest hemp seed Oil content in any hemp oil body and skincare products on the market. 

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