About Us

We are a family business, which started as an idea in the green and rolling hills behind Byron Bay on the North Coast of NSW Australia in the early 1990s.

Karen our chief visionary officer, and driving force behind the creation of Bygone Days was very busy in those days with four children, 3 horses, 30 chickens and 10 cows. half an acre of gardens and a hungry husband.

Her dream was to realise her grandmothers desire to have a craft shop. I remember going to bed on my own at 11pm many a night as Karen sat up designing, sketching, researching ideas and products. I would get up in the morning to be made to sit down and have my tired but excited wife, take me through step by step what new ideas she had created, documented and planned out, for her one day in the future shop.

Her love of lace, lead us to travel to the United Kingdom for a private tour of the last existing Victorian age Lace factory, still run by the same family since the 1700s, still using 1800s technology, it was an amazing experience, which lead to us now being able to access and supply 95% cotton lace, like grandmother had.

After selling the farm, and moving to Tamborine Mountain. It took another few years before the dream was realised. Connecting to our friends who had moved to the Mountain a few years earlier, it was discovered they too had a passion and a dream to open a craft shop. The combined partnership, ideas and passion lasted for 12 years, starting with a craft party plan idea it grew to a bricks and mortar building. This 12 year apprenticeship was a good grounding for all parties, and has lead us to a more professional approach to our business of helping others, with craft ideas, products, decor and gift finding for that family or friend that has it all.

In March 2018 we moved into a new premise, have a whole new range of amazing product, local, Australian and from overseas (supporting family business in India, China and other smaller countries) So if your in Queensland, find yourself on the Gold Coast come visit us on Tamborine Mountain.