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What is Hemp Seed Oil?


Hemp Seeds come from the hemp plant which has been used for thousands of years for their industrial, medicinal and nutritional properties.  Hemp Seed Oil is delicious and regarded as superior to its popular contenders of flax seed oil, fish oil and other nut oils as its ballance and completness of EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) are the closest to our bodies own requiements.  EFA's are the "good fats" and are required for the bodies most basic funtions.

How it's made:

Hemp Seed oil features a light nutty taste and can be used in recipes, taken on its own or used externally.  Its produced by cold, mechanical pressing of the whole hemp seed.  No chemicals or heat used.  The oil isthen cold filtered to remove any naturally suspended solids.

Some of its many Health Benefits:

Using Hemp Oil externally or consuming it regularly keeps your body running well with reduced joint pain, healthier hair and skin, a healthy heart,  better balanced hormones and a supercharged mind.

Boasting a 3:1 ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (also know as GLA), Hemp Oil helps relieves joint pain and inflamation.  Adequite levels of GLA are required to maintain a healthy balance of anti-inflamatory signaling molecules in the human body.  With age and stress the enzymes responsible for producing GLA decrease in acitivity. Increasing GLA intake overcomes this deficiency and can help restore a healthy balance to suppress inflamation.  A 6 month study published in the journal of Arthritis and Rheumatism chowed that consuming the GLA found in hemp seeds reduced arthritis symptoms by 25%.

Containing linoaleic acid, hemp seed oil helps regulate the amount of sebum your body produces.  Sebum is the oil your skin releases to protect and moistorise itself.  Replenishing this can help the skin repair and protect itself.  Many people use hemp oil and hemp based balms (such as our comfrey balm) to help releave eczema and other skin conditions. 


To break it down, the EFAs in Hemp Oil are necessary for the following processes:

  • Formation of healthy cell membranes
  • Proper development and functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Proper thyroid and adrenal activity
  • Hormone production
  • Regulation of blood pressure, liver function, immune and inflammatory responses
  • Crucial for the transport and breakdown of cholesterol
  • Support healthy skin and hair

Hemp Seed Oil, Protein, Hulled Seeds and Body Products

Our Hemp Products are derived from Australian Grown Hemp Seeds.  Our oil is cold pressed and then turned into a variety of Skin Care Products with the remainder utilised as protein and flour.  Our hand made body products have the highest hemp seed Oil content in any hemp oil body and skincare products on the market.